for leather

Our Company have been operating in the furniture world for over 30 years, offering operators an extraordinary product: leather.

Leather is a highly natural product, which shows on its surface all those signs, those characteristics,
those non-uniformity that fully testify its natural origin.

Quality of products

All our leathers are carefully selected and checked at every stage of the production cycle.

A final in-depth analysis is carried out on each batch entering the warehouse through a protocol that provides for a series of quality controls, instrumental and subjective.

All our leathers are produced with artisanal care and industrial method, in compliance with all the reference standards
regarding the chemicals used, with a strong focus on environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Reliability and efficiency

Our strength is our service.
Service that means pre-sales assistance, quality of the products offered, punctuality of deliveries, after-sales support.

We are also available to customers to assist them in case of special needs, finding appropriate solutions for every kind of need.

Quality and service at 360°

Our main target is to win the unconditional trust of our customers.

We want to provide quick and effective answers to every market request and collaborate in solving the Customer’s problems with efficient and effective interventions. In all phases of the relationship we take steps to understand the different needs and expectations and we are committed to optimizing the response times of our organization.

For these reasons we have chosen for many years the way of “Total Quality”.
In Italy we were the first distributor of upholstery for upholstered furniture to be certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, and the first in Europe as regards the leather product.

Our management policy is in fact aimed at the following goals:

– Quality and reliability of products and services

– Full customer satisfaction

– Prevention of non-compliance

– Constant search for improvement