Pluses of leather sofas

Leather intrinsic peculiarities can be easily translated into its strength points, or as selling arguments.

We have already spoken in the previous chapter about the easiness of hide maintenance: let’s see now the other qualities of a hide manufactured article.

- Hide has a higher resistance to laceration than fabric because of the compactness, the resistance and the elasticity of its fibres.

- Hide breaths; it can absorb humidity up to 25% of its weight and release it afterwards with the result that nobody sweats on a hide.

- Hide can adapt itself to different environmental and human body temperatures so that we could say that hide "thermally fits" in comparison to other material like vinyl which overheats itself and releases heat back.

- Hide does not absorb smells so, for example, your sofa won't smell of smoke for days; this would happen with a fabric sofa.

- Hide does not absorb dust or animal hair: it is very ease to clean and as thus indicated where allergies are suffered.

- For its intrinsic characteristics, hide as a finished product has either technical peculiarities as well as an endless charm.

We can also say that Penelopeoggi has taken care of user health and has a great respect for environmental problems.

To sum up, we can say that Penelopeoggi offers a highly natural and creative product which, far from being a mere covering, is able to balance poetry and substance, conveying the noble aspects of the hide into pure emotions.