Let’s not be fooled by alternatives to leather, which are often confusingly labelled as ‘eco’ but in fact have no natural or green features.

Genuine leather continues to be an environmentally conscious choice.

Obtained from food industry waste, the leather used in our production cycle is skilfully processed and treated according to the most advanced techniques, in full compliance with the regulations in force in Italy.
We are talking about a completely natural, resistant and versatile material. In fact, all genuine leather products, from fashion to furniture, are distinguished by their long life, improve over time and require very little maintenance.

Our responsible approach

Our commitment to sustainability starts with the selection of raw materials and continues throughout the production cycle.

Thanks to careful sourcing, the raw hides that arrive at our factory are fresh and therefore require less complex processing.

For tanning, we mainly use recycled water and products that minimise VOC emissions, furthermore we have been committed to reducing the use of heavy metals for years.
When processing the leather, we use renewable energy sources and have chosen packaging made of recycled material, which is 100% reusable.

The mission

Since its early years, Penelopeoggi’s mission has been to convey emotions through leather, a material we have always treated with passion and respect.
The sustainability of the entire supply chain and responsible sourcing are the core elements of our philosophy. We have been embracing and applying green solutions for years, but our research is constantly being refined to find ever more ecological and environmentally friendly innovations.

Our leather is naturally sustainable!